Etobicoke Rising Star, Beauty & The Beast:
1. Prologue: Sunday Pre Ballet

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1. Prologue: Sunday Pre Ballet
2. Belle in the Village: Saturday Pre Primary Ballet
3. Off to the Fair: Tuesday Pre Ballet
4. Spooky Forest: Monday Pre Jazz/Tap I
5. Wolf Chase: Sunday Pre Jazz/Tap II
6. Candles and Clocks: Saturday Pre Jazz/Tap I
7. The Beast: Saturday Pre Ballet
8. Little Belles: Saturday Pre Ballet
9. Will She Break the Spell?: Monday Pre Ballet
10. Tour Of the Castle: Friday Pre Primary Ballet

11. Gaston’s Song: Saturday Pre Jazz/Tap II
12. Be Our Guest: Tuesday Pre Jazz/Tap II
13. Forbidden Wing: Sunday Pre Ballet
14. Magic Roses: Wednesday Pre Ballet
15. If I Can’t Love Her: Tuesday Pre Primary Ballet
16. Escape From the Castle: Saturday Pre Ballet
17. Evil Plan: Wednesday Pre Jazz/Tap I
18. Running Out Of Time: Saturday Pre Ballet
19. Battle On the Castle: Saturday Pre Jazz/Tap I
20. Beauty and the Beast: Wednesday Pre Primary